The Collaborative unit//Week1 //LARP

Group members: David, Giada, Max, Gab

Timeline: 25/01/2020–29/01/2020

Aim: design the online LARP

In this week, Susan guide us to experience Xenosomatics, which is like a kind of meditation, we followed Susan’s guidance to image a new world. In LARP, we need to design the ritual that describe the background story and what need followers to do.

In the class

I with Zhaolu and Ines completed a LARP experiment in the class. We followed the Xenosomatics worldview to design the ritual and background. This story happen in the further future, human and alien live in the harmony universal. But different species cannot communicate and interact with each other directly, they need ‘Ooloi’ to help them to exchange feelings and experience. In this LARP, I played as a human and attracted by a ‘Milico’ ’s voice, a Mercurial alien played by Zhaolu) and follow in love with it. So I ask ‘Ooloi’( played by Ines) help me to convey my feeling to Milico.

We set the gesture as the connection among us-Gif made by Ines

It is really interesting experience, we followed Ooloi’s guidance to feeling each other. Relying on language to imagine and feel each other, although it seems a very abstract thing, the actual experience is very interesting and relax.

The ritual video recorded by Ines

In the project

Different from the experiment in class, we need to design more detailed LARP in this project to make audiences more immersed in it. Firstly, we did brainstorming to decide the background story.

This story happen in the parallel universes. All of the planets have been in perfect harmony.There is a deity in charge of the energy of the whole universe, but after a certain period, his own energy will become weak, and people and aliens from all over the universe need to gather energy together to help the deity recover. The ritual is followers to play as human or alien or any species what they want to help deity to condense energy and let the universe work again.

In the process of experience, firstly, audience need to change the zoom background to universal image and change their name what they want, which can help them to in immerse in it better. And then, they follow ritual leader to entry the parallel word, do meditation and body action to feel the energy. Finally, they comeback the reality and share their feelings.

The user testing- screen shoot took by Yitong

Followers feedbacks

We tested the LARP with other group, they give us many useful feedbacks.

  • changing the zoom backgrounds and name is good idea, they can immerse themselves in our background story better.
  • Asking followers wear headphones which can help them follow the guidances clearly.
  • The connection between the background story and the ritual part is not very good, which will make the audience feel a little abrupt.
  • The speaking speed of ritual leader is a little bit fast, followers may hard to follow.

According to their feedback, we redesign our LARP. Adding the relaxing part put between the background story and ritual. In this part, followers can relax themselves and feel their body, which is a good part for them to prepare to entry the ‘new character’.

Although, we generate many ideas accord with user’s feedbacks, one of us think we have unnecessary to add it. This is very regrettable, and I hope to have the opportunity to implement them.

finial presentation-screen shoot took by Yitong


I learned more from the testing, which is a good way to help me to know how to adjust my design. Through their feedbacks, I can see what I have not perceive yet. Although I leave many regrets in this project, we have many good ideas that can make the experience to be better are not implemented, I still learn more from this project. For example, listen carefully to the opinions of the audience to improve the design.



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